Friday, August 9, 2013

Music inspiration

Disclaimer: I know sooooosososososo very little about music and how to properly describe what I want as far as the soundtrack for my piece goes, it's embarrassing, so how I describe what I'm looking for is going to be weird but its all I got. 

To help figure out what kind of music I want to go along with my film I've been trying to find other songs and artists that kinda fit the bill.  My first idea was to have a sort of boring/irritating tune to play with the phone operator as Percival is getting thrown around the room.

Some examples of what that means:

something almost painfully normal to juxtapose the crazy that's happening on screen

Aside from that I was also looking for instrumental/background/theme music for the character Percival and to follow the piece like a normal soundtrack.

i like how this starts off mainly with the piano and then some slight drums

I like the mellow ness of this song as something that could be Percival's song, the light guitar and maybe some piano to have the piece starting off as seemingly normal as possible.

Before the song gets too "heavy", the beginning like minute with the guitar is nice

as the action starts to build up with the toaster coming alive and starting to chase Percival before he calls the help line I like the beat this has

Kind of taking it a different route is to have the theme of the toaster/Pan be something like this and the music changes from the mellow ness of Percivals theme to something like this with its creepystringness (sigh I don't know what Im saying, ya feel?)

and another one from Voltaire

For the ending credits, the kind of soft/melancholy piano to follow after the screen fades to black and we're left wondering what's happened to him

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Rough Cut

Long overdue update.  Here's a more put together version of my rough keys(some inbetweens)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shot 6_Rough Keys and Inbetweens

I recently applied for the Pixar Summer Animation Internship and had wanted to include
some of my senior project in the reel, so over Spring Break I tried to develop at least one shot
beyond just key frames. It's still very rough but has more animation than the previous video. It's also different from the animatic, I  decided that there should be some brief initial "normal" struggle with the toaster i.e. having difficulty opening it.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Current Animatic and Some Rough Animation

Percival and Pan_Senior Film Animatic from Amanda on Vimeo.

This version is a little older, I've story boarded some different shots and altered camera angles and still need to put it into the animatic but this is still the key parts of the story. The synopsis is under the Information tag. 


I also have some rough animation from the first few shots.  The first shot is pretty much keyed and in-betweened in an effort to see just how long it would take. From here on out I'll be going through each shot and doing the keys first before going back and doing the break downs/in-betweens. The last shot here has been giving me some trouble as I decided to veer from the animatic and lengthen it a bit.  I need to take some reference footage and go back over it.

And a test of the toaster aka Pan and a quick transformation from "normal" to "demonic" mode.

Percival and Pan...mostly Percival

A collection of some of my sketches of the projects titular characters, Percival and Pan, although it's mostly of Percival.  With his more detailed design I've been spending more time practicing with him than Pan for now. Percival is based off of an older character of mine that I edited a bit for this project to better fit the story.  

The first sketches of Percival's new design, along with Pan at the bottom in demonic and "normal" forms

Pan's design was based off these early 20th century toaster models with flaps that open from the sides

Some work with his expressions and practice with continuity 

Playing with some mouth and eye shapes for Pan

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog dedicated to my senior animation, including animatics, WIP cuts of animation, character sketches, and other things related to the project.